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Earth Month - My Top 10

Who is loving Spring? Everything is budding out, flowers are starting to bloom, birds are singing their songs. What a great time of year, especially in the beautiful State of Arkansas where I live. My hope for everyone is that you can take a moment (or moments) during April, aka "Earth Month," to appreciate this beauty and support it. Need some suggestions on what you can do? Here are my Top 10 suggestions of activities from my little corner of the world.

  1. Take a walk, run or bike ride. In other words, get out in it. Notice the beauty of everything you pass and be grateful.

  2. Sit outside on your porch or go to a park. Be still, listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air and take it in.

  3. If you do 1 or 2, take a bag to collect trash. You didn't put the trash there (unless it's on your front porch), but you can sure as heck pick it up. Green areas look so much greener when the trash is gone.

  4. Plant something. A tree would be great. A veggie garden would offer healthy food this summer. Native flowers and plants offer beauty, pollen and habitat for pollinators and other creatures.

  5. Contribute your money. There are so many great causes that support the environment and help connect people to this planet. Find a couple of organizations whose mission you like and give them some dough.

  6. Contribute your time. There are cleanups and events scheduled all over the planet. Or just grab a group of people and organize something yourself. Get out there and get your hands dirty!

  7. Take your own bags to the grocery store - just say no to the plastic bag.

  8. Find a local farmer's market, farmer, or shop that offers local produce and buy from them. You're supporting your local economy and buying food that has not been shipped across the country (or the planet) to get to you.

  9. When you go to the grocery store, think about which items you are buying that are plastic-wrapped. Can you make a switch for one or two items that will result in less plastic?

  10. Take a moment to rethink your trash. Are there things you want to throw out that can be reused or repurposed? We all win when we reduce our landfill contribution.

  11. And here's a bonus suggestion. Be aware. Be present in the moment. When you're out and about, notice community gardens, electric car-charging stations, homes with solar panels, people who are picking up trash, and local parks filled with activity - just to name a few. There are good things going on out there. Notice them and be a part of it!

Now what's on your Top 10 list?

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